Saturday, August 30, 2008

Remakes Can Be Rewarding

Sorry, it's been at least a month. I knew I wouldn't be that great at the blogging thing but will keep trying. LOL

I decided to give it a go at redoing a previous bead which is down farther in my blog. This was made as a request which I usually and don't always do. But unforseen circumstances have led to the reproduction of this bead. I was very pleased to find I was able to make it better than the original. Sometimes that is not always the case, so this time it was a rewarding experience to try to duplicate. I love this bead and it will be hard to part with. But that is all a part of the cycle of making and selling. .... And as soon as a new 'favorite' is made it is a whole new feeling of loving a bead. Theres always a new favorite to be made......

On another note - I'm am so late to the Etsy stuff and have just created a store to sell there. Not much there yet but will slowly get some things in there. Link to my new Etsy