Saturday, August 30, 2008

Remakes Can Be Rewarding

Sorry, it's been at least a month. I knew I wouldn't be that great at the blogging thing but will keep trying. LOL

I decided to give it a go at redoing a previous bead which is down farther in my blog. This was made as a request which I usually and don't always do. But unforseen circumstances have led to the reproduction of this bead. I was very pleased to find I was able to make it better than the original. Sometimes that is not always the case, so this time it was a rewarding experience to try to duplicate. I love this bead and it will be hard to part with. But that is all a part of the cycle of making and selling. .... And as soon as a new 'favorite' is made it is a whole new feeling of loving a bead. Theres always a new favorite to be made......

On another note - I'm am so late to the Etsy stuff and have just created a store to sell there. Not much there yet but will slowly get some things in there. Link to my new Etsy


Jamal Owens said...

This looks awesome! I've been wanting to find some insight on getting quality glass in Cambridge. Do you have any suggestions?

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Oh my goodness!!! This is GORGEOUS!!!! You are do talented Joyce! xo